Mare Nostrum Network


The Mare Nostrum Network aims to serve as a support platform for civil society organizations involved in coastal and marine conservation of the Mediterranean.

The Mediterranean region is deeply interconnected through a long history of interactions between diverse cultures, languages, and peoples from the lands that surround the Mediterranean Sea. The name “Mare Nostrum”, which means “our sea” in Latin, reminds us of our shared past, present, and future.

In recent decades, common threats to this unique place that connects us all have become apparent, and have led a large number of passionate and committed citizens to fight for its conservation. In parallel, the conservation field is witnessing a shift from an expert-based approach to participatory conservation that supports inclusive, people-oriented, and bottom-up approaches to conservation and management.

Purpose and Objectives

Our purpose is to form a network of civil society organizations that have shown their commitment to the protection of the Mediterranean. These members have joined forces to create a collaborative, bottom-up system committed to ensure the sustainable development of their local communities along a healthy Mediterranean coast.

The Mare Nostrum Network was created in 2014 within the framework of the Mare Nostrum project; a cross-border EU-funded project exploring new ways of protecting and managing the Mediterranean coastline within the existing international Barcelona Convention and its Protocol on Integrated Coastline Zone Management (ICZM). Find out more.

The Mare Nostrum Network has the following objectives:

  • To provide a platform for the exchange of knowledge, expertise, and collaboration opportunities between Mediterranean NGOs, in order to reinforce marine and coastal conservation efforts.
  • To develop the capacity of its members through a comprehensive list of tools, news, and grants for conservation in the Mediterranean region.
  • Raise awareness among the public regarding environmental challenges in the Mediterranean, conservation efforts, and opportunities for involvement.

How can I join the network?

If you are a civil society organization, currently working in the Mediterranean, and would like to join the Mare Nostrum Network, please complete our membership form.

If you are a citizen interested in management and conservation of the Mediterranean,find out how you can get involved.

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