Marine Protected Areas progress in the Mediterranean but efforts must be boosted.

"Today, 7.14% (179,798 km2) of the Mediterranean Sea is placed under a protection status, this is what emerges from the first analyzes to report on the 2016 status of the Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas – that will contribute to a report published every four years by MedPAN and RAC / SPA in collaboration with many partners. This report is based on the 2016 update of MAPAMED, the database of sites of interest for the conservation of the marine environment in the Mediterranean Sea.
These first analyses report 1,231 Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and Other Spatial Conservation Measures (OECMs) in the Mediterranean, including 186 MPAs of national designations (1.6%) and 898 Natura 2000 sites at sea (2.37% ). The surface of ​​MPAs of national status and Natura 2000 sites increased by 1.8% compared with the last Mediterranean MPA Status published in 2012 with the designation of 6 new MPAs of national status (21 827 km2 added) and 391 Natura 2000 sites (34 458 km2added). For the first time in the Mediterranean, the status will also reveal a cumulative area of ​​zone where regulation is the strictest (in relation to access, harvesting or fishing that are legally prohibited there). It is of 0.04%, which is extremely low insofar as science has proved the essential character of these areas in the effectiveness of MPAs. (See "The Science of Marine Reserves" Mediterranean edition published by PISCO at the end of 2016 -)"

Via MedPAN


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