Projects & Campaigns

Here you will find some of our members' projects and campaigns.

Ecoocean - #2minutebeachclean in Israel

The Mare Nostrum Network proudly supports # 2minutebeachclean, launched in Israel on the World Oceans Day by one of our members: Ecoocean Association, along with Israel Nature and Park Authority and Israel Ministry of Environmental Protection. The initiative, which began in Britain, quickly became viral all over the world. The purpose of the project is to harness the community to clean the beach by a small act that requires two minutes of their time: Pick it – Snap it – Tag it.

Sharklab-Malta - How do you save sharks?

How do you save sharks? Well, in the early hours of the morning, you can find dedicated volunteer Sharklab-Malta members recovering egg cases from sharks landed at the fish market. These egg cases are taken, carefully kept at the correct temperature in sea water, to the Malta National Aquarium. There they hatch and are cared for until they are big enough to be returned to the Mediterranean, where they belong. In the first two years of the programme over 200 sharks have been rescued, hatched and returned.

Ambiente Europeo and Marina Nos Interesa associations: campaigning against plastic pollution.

Agricultural activity in coastal areas in Spain, generates huge amounts of plastic pollution that ends up in the Mediterranean. Much of these fruits and vegetables are sold at UK supermarkets. Film director Rupert Murray (The End of the Line, Unknown White Male) came to Murcia and Almería in Southern Spain last November to obtain evidences on how bad the situation is.

SPNI creating a mobile application for marine hazard.

The Mare Nostrum Network presents SeaWatch (available in Hebrew) – a mobile application created by one of our members - SPNI. SeaWatch is meant to enable the public to report about different types of marine hazards such as marine litter, illegal fishing, invasive species, injured Cetaceans and Sea Turtles and more. The main goal of the application is to collect more relevant information about marine hazards and efficiently transporting data from the field to the authorities while engaging the public for marine conservation.

AKTI participating in a cleaning project across Cyprus beaches

Mare Nostrum network presents MarLitCy - a cooperative project run by one of our members - AKTI Project and Research Center. MarLitCy - Marine Litter, together for Clean Coasts - aims to use the problem of marine litter as a tool for promoting dialog and building closer relationships between Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot NGOs and communities.

Hombre y Territorio (Spain) - POSIMED Network: a Mediterranean Network for the control of Posidonia oceanica

Posidonia oceanica is a seagrass species endemic to the Mediterranean Sea. It forms extensive meadows that are important for two main reasons: they constitute the habitat of a large number of invertebrate and fish species, that have a high ecological and commercial value; and they help stabilize the substrate, playing a crucial role in coastal dynamics and sedimentary balance.