Mare Nostrum Subscribers

Profile Photo Full name Username Job Title Organization Website
Mary Donovan Mary Donovan University of Hawaii
Jean-Baptiste Jouffray Jean-Baptiste J... PhD Candidate University of Stockholm, Stockholm Resilience Centre
Crow White Crow White Assistant Professor Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Alan Friedlander Alan Friedlander Chief Scientist Pristine Seas, National Geographic Society; Fisheries Ecology Research Lab, University of Hawaii
Jamison Gove Jamie Gove Research Oceanographer Ecosystem and Oceanography Division, NOAA, Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center
Kimberly Selkoe Kimberly Selkoe Research Scientist National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis, UC Santa Barbara, Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology
Mary Hunsicker Mary Hunsicker NOAA Fisheries, Northwest Fisheries Science Center
Phil Loring Phil Loring Assistant Professor School of Environment and Sustainability, University of Saskatchewan
Melissa Poe Melissa Poe Environmental Social Scientist Washington Sea Grant, University of Washington, NOAA Fisheries
Fernanda F C Marques fernanda.marques
Logan M Williams Loganmwilliams
EMILY K ADAMS emilya20
Annaliese Hettinger A_Hettinger Postdoctoral Fellow
Rich Salas rvsalas12 Climate Change Project Coordinator Bureau of Environmental and Coastal Quality
James Marino james.marinof
Olivia Richards oliviarichards Student Franklin and Marshall College
malcolm nunn malcnunn director Cnidaria Aquaculture LTD
Karen Clarke clarkek2 environmental education and community outreach strategist independent contractor
Stacey Clarke Stacey_Adele
Amber Meadows amberm9
Teresa Mealy Redventuress Youth Programs Coordinator Oregon Coast Aquarium
Ale Ghezzi Aleghezzi
Clare Kavanagh Clare Kavanagh
Melody Saunders Brenna Reef Life Resto... Ceo Co Founder Reef Life Restoration & Foundation
Ali Ali